Bawmhnak Pekmi Pawl

We offer a range of group programs that aim to reduce feelings of isolation, provide support through sharing experiences and feelings with others and build relationships.

Our group programs often take place in a setting local to participants to foster connections in their communities.

Foundation House also assists our clients by providing referrals to other services, such as:

  • Health services
  • Housing services
  • Legal services
  • Other community support services

Foundation House is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and ensuring we meet our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cwlth), Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic).

We are a child safe organisation with a strong commitment to the safety, participation and empowerment of all children. Foundation House has zero tolerance of child abuse, which is reflected in our robust policies and procedures.

Foundation House values feedback on the services we provide. You can make a suggestion, give us a compliment or make a complaint in person, over the telephone, or in writing. All complaints are promptly and fairly investigated without prejudicing your access to services.



It is normal for people to have difficulties as a result of experiences of torture or other traumatic events prior to arrival in Australia, such as:

  • Family problems
  • Little interest in daily life
  • Not wanting to be around other people
  • Problems with thinking, concentration and learning
  • Feeling sad, nervous or angry in many situations
  • Thoughts and memories that worry you
  • Sleep problems

Foundation House nih a tlingmi le kaumi bawmhnak phunphun an pek i aatelmi hna cu:

  • A tthami ruahnak pek le forhfialnak
  • Pumpak le chungkhar in bawmhnak pek
  • Mibu caah tuahmi program pawl
  • Ahleiin khan piakmi thlopbulhnak pawl, bianaah nunphung he pehtlaimi kokek sii, hmeh le nam le adang kokek sining hmang in thlopbulhnak pawl

Bawmhnak kan pekmi pawl cu:

  • A lak
    A thiammi holhlettu pawl laak piak zong aatel
  • Kilven
    Na konglam kha kilven le huhphenhnak kan tuah i holhlettu kan hmanmi hna zong nih an huhphenh, an kilven
  • Mah lungtho tein tuahmi
    Bawmhnak kan in pekmi cu zeiruang paoh le na duh caan paoh ah na ngawl khawh
  • Thapek/bawmh
    Na covo ngah kha tha kan pek
  • Fim chimh
    Kan rianttuannak nih mibu sin ah ralzam pawl an ton le inmi hngalhternak a tuah

Australia an phak hlan i hrem, tukvelh an in ruang asiloah thinphan-thlalaunak an ton ruangah minung cheukhat nih harnak an ton kha a phung a si ko, bianaah:

  • Chungkhar buainak
  • Nifatin nunnak kong hngalh le cawn duhnak tlawm
  • Midang pawng ah um duh lo
  • Khuaruah, lungbunh le cawn iharh
  • Thil tampi kong ah ngaihchiat, thinphan asiloah thinhun
  • Ruahmi le cinkenmi pawl nih thinphan ter
  • Ihngilh khawh lo

Mah pawl kha na ton le inmi a si ahcun Foundation House nih an in bawmh khawh lai.

Foundation House in bawmhnak hmuhnak caah pehtlaihnak tuahning

  1. (03) 9389 8900 ah phone kan chawn, kan zung pakhatkhat ah kan leng asiloah online in pehtlaihnak kan tuah.
    Nangmah nawl peknak in midang pakhatkhat, siibawi, zatlanglei rianttuantu (social worker), saya/mah, chungkhar pakhatkhat asiloah hawikom pakhatkhat tibantuk nih nangmah aiawh in a kan pehtlaih khawh
  2. If you phone or visit, our receptionist will take your name and telephone number and ask if you need an interpreter
  3. Foundation House in rianṭuantu pakhatkhat nih rianṭuan ni nga chung ah pehtlaihnak an tuah lai

Kan zung umnak hmun pawl

Kan zung uk cuBrunswick ah a um
Bawmhnak pek rian kan ṭuannak zung pawl umnak cu:

Foundation House nih adang zung le bu pawl he bawm in atanglei hmun pawl ah bawmhnak pek rian kan ṭuan ṭhiamṭhiam:

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