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Recognising and Understanding Complex Mental Health Presentations

Thu, 22 Oct 9:30-3:30 PM – online via Zoom

Provides practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and understand complex mental health presentations in the refugee context in order to support the recovery of survivors of torture and other traumatic events.

Content includes:

  • Recognising complex presentations, signs and symptoms of mental illness and complex post-traumatic stress common among survivors of torture and trauma;
  • Understanding the knowledge base regarding evidence based therapeutic modalities relevant to treatment of the most common mental health diagnoses; and
  • Understanding the complexity of cultural factors and facilitating engagement.

Suitable for:
Practitioners providing counselling and psychotherapy, and other professionals working in the field of refugee mental health.

Details and registrations:

Development and trauma: understanding the life trajectories of survivors of trauma – 2 day workshop

Thursday 5 & 12 Nov, 9:30am-3:30pm – online via Zoom


  • Major theories of psychosocial and cognitive development;
  • Trauma informed understanding of the stages of development;
  • The impact that adverse experiences such as torture, trauma, disruptions to attachment and forced migration can have on development; and
  • Working with survivors of trauma to support recovery from a developmental perspective.

Suitable for:
Education and early years workers, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists, youth workers, and others who are working with people from refugee backgrounds, particularly children and young people.

Details and registrations:

Understanding and Working with Suicidality

 Tuesday 10 Nov 09:30am-3:30pm – online

Covers a range of complex factors workers must consider when engaging with ‘at risk’ clients from refugee backgrounds.

Content includes:

  • The global and local context of suicidality across communities from refugee backgrounds;
  • Reflecting on participants own beliefs and attitudes towards suicidality and how this may influence engagement with clients;
  • The diverse causes and presentations of self-harm and suicidality in the context of refugee experiences;
  • Risk assessment, decision making processes, referral and documentation; and
  • The impact of supporting ‘at risk’ clients, including practical strategies to encourage sustainable practice.

Suitable for:
Practitioners including psychologists, social workers, counsellors, psychotherapists and therapeutic youth workers who are working with people from refugee backgrounds.

Details and registrations:

Seeking Asylum: Working with Prolonged Uncertainty

Tue 24 Nov 09.30am-3:30pm – online

This workshop explores the psychosocial realities of living with long-term uncertainty for people from refugee and asylum seeking backgrounds.

Suitable for:
Those working with people from refugee backgrounds, including people seeking asylum, who are experiencing prolonged uncertainty, eg. case workers, settlement workers, English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, counsellors, community health practitioners, lawyers and those involved in the legal system.

Content includes:

  • Overview of historical and current Australian protection processes;
  • Increased understanding of our own ways of being and levels of comfort with uncertainty;
  • Exploration of the impacts of trauma, ongoing uncertainty and detention;
  • Ways of working and being with clients living with ongoing uncertainty; and
  • Identification of key principles for sustainable and professional engagement with clients.

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