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The Foundation House Practice and Sector Development program provides webinars and blended learning opportunities both as part of our public calendar and as options to be integrated in Tailored Learning. We also offer a self-contained introductory Online Learning course, Refugee and Asylum Seeking Experiences Online – details below.


Refugee and Asylum Seeking Experiences Online

Refugee and Asylum Seeking Experiences is a core module of Foundation House’s Practice Development and Learning Program, and provides a pre-requisite for other workshops. Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experience Online has been developed as an alternative way to access key aspects of this course, online at your convenience.

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experiences Online is provided in two modules,
taking approximately two hours to complete.

The course guides participants through the possible journeys of four people from different refugee backgrounds including:

  • Flight
  • Camp Experiences
  • Urban Experiences
  • Settlement and Recovery.

Participants will then see how the Foundation House Framework for Recovery can be applied in these case studies. Key data and statistics are also included.

The Refugee and Asylum Seeker Experience Online Module can be incorporated into Tailored Learning packages in a variety of ways.

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