Tailored Learning Fees

Tailored Learning

We deliver customised professional learning activities to meet the needs of your organisation.

Standard fees apply. If your organisation is small, unfunded or run by volunteers, please contact us as we can consider your ability to meet these rates.

Schools, agencies working with schools and early years education providers are exempt from paying tailored learning fees for Schools & Education or Early Years workshops.

Standard rate

OptionDurationFee (GST inclusive)
Full day8 hours$3,440*
Half day4 hours$1,720*
HourlyHourly rate$430*
Lunch$24 per head**
Morning or afternoon tea$9 per head**

*     Rates include two facilitators, preparation time, facilitation and travel. Shorter events or specific occasions are negotiable as only one facilitator may be required.

**   Catering is provided by the organisation requesting the service. If, however the service is held at Foundation House, catering is arranged by Foundation House but charged to the organisation.


Reflective practice groups

Standard rateDurationFee (GST inclusive)
One sessionHourly rate$430
Prep timeHourly rate$176 per session
TravelHourly rate$176*
Quarterly feedback report on Reflective Practice group2 hours$176

*     If two or more sessions occur on the same day at the same location, travel time is reduced (e.g. 1 hour at Dallas rather than 2 or 3 hours, etc.)

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