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Schools Support Program Professional Learning Request Form

In addition to the workshops offered via the Professional and Organisation Development calendar, the Schools Support Program offers a flexible approach to professional learning workshops and presentations for schools and organisations that work with students and families of refugee background.


Should you wish to request a workshop or presentation for your staff, please complete the form below.

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    Percentage of students/clients of refugee/asylum seeker background

    What currently exists in your school/organisation to support refugee/asylum seeker background students?

    Have any staff completed Foundation House workshops before? Please describe.

    Has your school/organisation had other relevant professional learning in this area? Please describe.

    The foundational professional learning for people working with students of refugee background is the workshop: 'School’s In for Refugees; a whole-school approach to supporting students of refugee background' (VFST 2011).

    It covers:

    • The refugee/asylum seeker experience

    • The impact of trauma on learning, wellbeing and development

    • The role of teachers and schools in supporting recovery from trauma

    • Classroom & whole school strategies to support recovery from trauma

    • Developing a whole school approach to supporting refugee and asylum seeker background students

    • Managing disclosure of traumatic material and appropriate referral pathways

    • Working with families and promoting partnerships with parents and carers.

    This 6-hour workshop can be delivered either on one day or as a series of shorter sessions. Please nominate your preference below Alternatively one hour presentations are available as:

    • an introduction to the refugee/asylum seeker experience

    • a follow up to one of the specific areas covered in the workshop

      • Please nominate your preference for a workshop or presentation

        Preferred date(s), time allocation and anticipated number of attendees?

        Are you able to provide: IT equipment (Laptop, Data projector, Screen, Speakers)?

        Is there any other information that would be beneficial to our planning of the workshop?

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