Foundation House is committed to learning, developing and sharing in new knowledge around the experience of trauma and recovery of persons of refugee backgrounds and asylum seekers, through research and evaluation.

Foundation House has a long history of supporting research of the highest quality in many ways including:

  • partnering with other research organisations in key research areas
  • engaging with staff around areas of professional practice
  • engaging with clients around experience and outcomes of trauma and support services.

Our commitment to research is grounded in a commitment to the safety of staff and clients, and integrity in the quality of any methodologies in which we engage. For this reason, we have implemented a robust review process for all researchers and organisations wishing to partner with or engage Foundation House in research.

Please read the Foundation House Research Review Process carefully as it has changed significantly:

  • Step 1: Research Proposal/Project prepared by you, a researcher/organisation.
  • Step 2: Research Proposal/Project submitted to Foundation House by email to . Preferably the proposal should be submitted before submission to and approval of your Research and Ethics Committee. In the event that a proposal has been submitted after Research and Ethics Committee approval, amendments to the project may be requested by Foundation House that require resubmission to your Research and Ethics Committee.
  • Step 3: Receipt of proposal is acknowledged within three business days by Foundation House.
  • Step 4: Research Proposal/Project submitted to a senior Manager within Foundation House for initial Review.
  • Step 5: If on initial review, the Research Proposal/Project is supported by the Manager, the project is tabled for consideration by the Agency Management Team. Please note that submission to the Agency Management Team does not constitute approval of the project. The Agency Management Team will assess each submission on its merits based on its value, resource implications, ethical considerations, methodological considerations and any other pertinent issues. If the Agency Management Team decides that the Research Proposal/Project should not be supported, the Researcher/Organisation will be advised by email of this outcome
  • Step 6: The possible outcome of discussions by the AMT include:
    • project supported to proceed subject to confirmation of your Research and Ethics Committee Approval
    • project supported subject to required amendments and confirmation of your Research and Ethics Committee Approval
    • project requiring amendment and resubmission to AMT.

Researchers/organisations will be advised of the outcome of the AMT review and next steps depending on the decision reached.

Researchers/organisations should allow 4-6 weeks for review of proposals by Foundation House.

Foundation House
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